Grant Application


The Claremont Community Foundation solicits proposals for grants from its Board Designated Funds, including Community Impact Fund, its Arts Fund and other funds deemed Board Designated, which support projects and activities of charitable organizations serving Claremont and/or surrounding communities in the Inland Valley area. Projects that can demonstrate significant positive benefit to the Claremont community receive priority. The Community Impact Fund addresses broad areas of need, including health, economic improvement, family, individual and youth services, cultural and educational activities and historical initiatives. The Arts Fund supports projects intended to enhance the visual environment of the community and projects that increase access to drama, dance or musical performances.

Funding for grant awards is generated by both donor-designated as well as unrestricted contributions from caring citizens, businesses and organizations. Amounts available for distribution vary from year to year, according to donations received and Board discretion. Historically, individual grant award amounts have averaged $1,000 to $2,000, and in some cases much higher. The Foundation does not fund an organization’s operating expenses or salaries. Previous grantees must have a final report on file in order to be eligible for a new award.

Proposals Shall Include:

1.      Cover page (computerized reproduction or photocopy of original, OK; please maintain format/spacing)

2.      Case statement for the project, addressing the Foundations Guidelines (see accompanying page), three to six pages in length, double-spaced.

3.      Project budget, including other sources of funding (projected and actual) for this project.  Itemize all income sources and expense line items. Include in-kind contributions of goods/services, and specific project expenses to be covered by sponsoring organization. Identify those expense items which might be reduced (without rendering the project infeasible) if less than the full requested amount were to be granted.

4.      Sponsoring organization’s total annual budget (to show what proportion of the total operation this project represents).

5.      Letters of Agreement and/or support, if applicable, from cooperating individuals or organizations who will be participating in or endorsing the project.

6.      Rosters of organizations’ Board of Directors, project staff, and operational volunteers, giving affiliations, occupations, or other information about these persons’ qualifications to carry out this project. It might help to include an organization chart or written statement showing the lines of authority from project staff/volunteers through organization leadership.

7.      Verification of nonprofit tax-exempt status (or statement explaining how organization qualifies as a public charitable entity, if not tax-exempt).

Submission Instructions:

1.      Submit one original complete version (marked ORIGINAL) containing items 1 through 7, above.

2.      Submit ten additional copies containing only 1 through 6, above.

3.      You may submit additional supporting documents or materials about the project and/or your organization only if necessary to help the volunteer Grant Committee understand your project. Please limit this material to essential information that cannot be incorporated into items 1 through 7 above, and include enough copies for all committee members to review.  NO items (video or audio tapes, photos, etc.) will be returned.

4.      Send completed applications or submit in person to Claremont Community Foundation, 205 Yale Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711.

5.      Application Deadline:  Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 5:00 p.m.

Case Statement Guidelines 

A proposal will be more likely to succeed if it explicitly addresses the following questions:

1.         What is the purpose of the proposed project and the goals of the project? What is the need your project will address? How do you know this need exists? What is your target group? How will the project impact your target group? How will the project benefit the larger Claremont community and/or surrounding area? If your project addresses a specific need or initiative identified through Claremont planning processes such as the Youth and Family Master Plan or the City of Claremont General Plan, or through the work of a City commission or committee, please discuss this directly. Be as specific as possible, including numbers and data sources, as available.

2.         Are there other organizations or projects working with this target group and/or addressing this need? Who, how? Will you be working together? How? (If not, why?)

3.         What is your projected time frame and work plan for implementing this project (who will do what, by when, and how?)

4.         Briefly describe your organization’s mission, history, governance structure, functioning and staffing. Why is this organization particularly qualified to undertake this project?

5.         What are your plans for evaluation of the project’s success and the impact of this project on the target group? Did members of your organization attend the Results Based Initiative (RBI), sponsored by CCF and the City, and if yes, how will the principals of RBI be used to measure the impact of your project? 

6.         What are your plans for future funding of this project beyond the time frame indicated? If the Foundation could support only a portion of your request, would you be able to move forward with it by obtaining alternative funding from other sources, and/or scaling back the proposed project?  How?

7.         Is there anything else our committee should know in order to understand your project more fully?


Please contact the Foundation office for information about technical assistance in preparing your proposal.

Prior to announcing awards, proposals will be reviewed by a volunteer Grants Committee with a mix of community leaders and members of the Foundation’s volunteer Board of Directors. All applications are treated with professional confidentiality and impartiality.  Please do not attempt to contact or lobby Foundation staff or volunteers to influence their decisions. We may request additional information and/or site visits while considering your proposal. This process takes approximately two months, so a proposal with an immediate need for funding is not appropriate. 


Thursday, November 2, 2017 5:00p.m.


December 2017


OR to have an application emailed to you in a PDF format please email:


Grant Application Cover Page

Submission Date:_______________________

Project Title: _________________________________________________________________________

Organization Name: ___________________________________________________________________   

Nonprofit 501 (c) (3)?    ” yes    ” no      Public (govt) agency?     ” yes    ” no

Other? ____________________________

Contact Person: __________________________________     Position: ___________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone:   (day) __________________  (evening) ________________  

FAX:  __________________________________________________ 

E-mail: _________________________________________________

Grant Writer: __________________________________ Phone: __________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________________

Is this project a collaborative effort with any other organization(s)?  ” no    ” yes

If yes, list other organization(s), primary contact person(s) for collaboration, and phone #(s).

Amount requested from Claremont Community Foundation:  $________________

Total project cost: $________________

Please provide a brief summary (one or two sentences, single spaced typed) of your proposal below: 

In submitting a proposal, applicant agrees, if funding is awarded, to submit a mid-point and final report to the Foundation, documenting the projects actual costs and results. Previous grantees must have final report on file to be eligible for a new grant.  In addition, grantee agrees to mention CCF grant funding of project on their website with a link to CCF’s website.  CCF will similarly mention the grant, project and grantee on its website with link back to the grantee’s website.