March/April Artists of the Month

Terry Givens / Clyde Miller / Michael J. Elderman

Terry Givens has been a Claremont resident for 40+ years and has participated in many Claremont events, including an exhibition at CCF in Feb. 2016, as well as Taste of Claremont and Some Crust Bakery.  Terry's unique pen and ink drawings capture life in Claremont by someone who knows it well.

Clyde Miller first started sculpting and carving out of wood in the mid 1970's. He later became interested in Northwest Coast art and created various pieces through the 80's and into the early 2000's. He retired from the marketing department at UC Riverside Extension and has since focused on other types of sculpture.

Michael J. Elderman began to photograph when he was 9 years old and became a commercial and fine art photographer around 1976. He now celebrates 39 years in business as a photographer. Among his many photographic interests, Michael works on landscape images, projects in and around the art of dance and a series of portraits of other artists. His 39+ years of photographing Riverside's Mission Inn is documented in his published book of photographs.

April Opening Reception Saturday, April 1 - 6:00-8:00PM