To maximize our positive impact in the community and to exist in perpetuity, the Claremont Community Foundation (CCF) develops and implements programs, and initiatives on an on-going basis.

Key needs throughout the community are identified, and by raising funds and serving as stewards of personal philanthropy, CCF is able to respond with resources to support programs that enrich the lives of youth and adults throughout Claremont, and local area communities.

CCF programs range in size and scope, some programs are a result of donor-advised funds, and other programs are supported through the Community Impact or Arts field of interest funds.

Examples of programs we have implemented include:

Results-Based Accountability Workshops
Living up to its mission of community leadership, the Claremont Community Foundation (CCF) awarded the City of Claremont a $10,000 grant to help implement an improved method of assessing progress toward community-wide goals. As part of a joint program with the City, and the Claremont Unified School District (CUSD), the CCF grant supported trainings for area organizations in Results-Based Accountability (RBA).

RBA is a best-practice method for use by city agencies, schools, and nonprofit organizations to ensure that their respective programs achieve targeted improvements. It starts with a focus on desired end-results and then works backwards, step-by-step, to figure out how to get there. The method also provides a framework for collaboration across organizations to achieve desired results on a community-wide basis. The RBA framework helps organizations move quickly from talk to action, and provides tools to measure if anyone is better off since the implementation of the program.

As a result of the initiative, more than 60 individuals from over 19 local-area organizations and City departments received training, and completed the series of three workshops. Participants left the workshops with a set of common sense methodologies, and a better understanding of how to plan, execute, measure, and improve the impact of their programs.

Public Sculpture Project
In 2008, the Claremont Community Foundation, in partnership with the City of Claremont, established an on-going public sculpture project. The project was created to enhance the aesthetic and cultural quality throughout the community by featuring a different sculpture in the park located at the corner of Indian Hill Blvd. and Harrison Avenue.

The program provides public exposure to the visual arts, and is intended to inspire a sense of place among the residents of the community. The sculpture is owned by the artist, and is displayed at the site temporarily for roughly 18 months, after which time it is returned to the artist.

Since the project was created, local artists Barbara Beretich and Christina Cassaro have displayed their works. Artists wishing to be considered for this project are invited to submit their resumes and proposals to the Claremont Community Foundation.